Guitar & Ukulele Accessories

Guitar Accessories are a key part of a guitarists kit. For regular upkeep of the instrument  and protection the best accessories are essential. We offer a range of  guitar necessities - from Guitar Tuners, to Guitar Cables and everything in-between. We have what you need to ensure your guitar sounds great every time you pick it up.

Choose from a wide variety of Guitar Strings from popular brands including Ernie Ball and Elixir. Plus, a range of Guitar Bags so you can give your instrument the protection it deserves.

Guitar Cases


Acoustic Strings:

Acoustic String Sets gauge 10

Acoustic String Sets gauge 11 

Acoustic String Sets gauge 12

Acoustic String Sets gauge 13  



Electric Strings:

Electric String Sets gauge 8

Electric String Sets gauge 9

Electric String Sets gauge 10

Electric String Sets gauge 11

Electric String Sets gauge 12 



Bass Strings:

Bass String Sets 



Classical Strings:

Classical Ball End

Classical Tie On 



Guitar & Ukulele Stands

Music Stands

Microphones, Stands & Accessories






 Guitar Strings - Electric 8s


Guitar Strings - Electric 9s



Guitar Stands




Music Stands




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