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Tickets On Sale

Lewks are the principal ticket outlet for local events, particularly those being held in Downham Market Town Hall, but we are happy to sell tickets for any local event in surrounding villages. We are always pleased to sell tickets free of commission for any local charitable event, and whilst we appreciate a letter of thanks, a packet of biscuits to share amongst the staff selling your tickets is even better! For non charitable events a 10% commission will be deducted from total sales.
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Video To DVD transfer

We offer a video and camera tape transfer service. For all the information you need follow the link below.
Video to DVD transfers
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Disc Repair

Have the scratches removed from your discs with our disc repair service.
Scratched Disc Repairs
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Web Design

Affordable web design and hosting packages offered here at LEWKS.
Web Design & Hosting
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Hive Books

Shop Locally Online. For all your book needs check out Hive
Books through Hive