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Scratched disc repair service £3 per disc.
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  • DVDs
  • Blurays
  • Playstation Games
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Which Disc Formats Does Our Machine Repair?

Quite simply, all of them!

Because our machines basically polish a piece of plastic to a smooth finish, this can be applied to any disc, regardless of its format or what data is stored on it.


Can You Cure 'Laser Burn' On The Xbox?

Answer: YES

Post this question online and there are all kinds of weird and wonderful suggestions on how to repair discs that have laser burn damage.

But by far the simplest and safest way is to take a laser burnt disc into us!


What is laser burn?
'Laser Burn' is not what it sounds like, it is not a burn at all. If the Xbox unit is moved whilst a disc is spinning in the drive, the disc gets scored by the laser's lens which means that your disc wonít play properly. Disc repair will remove these scratches to make your disc play like new again.


Can You Repair Blu-ray Discs?

Answer: YES

Clearly, as with other formats, there are limitations Ė if the disc is warped or cracked itís not possible but then we donít purport to sell miracle makers. So, here are some of the common questions answered:


Are Blu-ray discs different to other formats?


1. Whilst they have the same dimensions as a standard DVD or CD and look the same, Blu-ray discs use a different frequency of light to read discs.

2. The polycarbonate layer on the bottom of the Blu-ray disc is much thinner than on a standard DVD.

3. The polycarbonate has a hard coated lacquer on top of it designed to reduce the chance of Blu-ray discs being scratched in the first place.


What does this all mean for repairing Blu-ray discs?

Ultimately Blu-ray discs do get scratched and they can be repaired. Itís just that they have a much lower protection layer before you reach the data layer (the important bit!). Therefore, Blu-ray discs can be repaired much fewer times than other formats.


Repair Service FAQs

Why won't my disc play any more?

Put simply, the reason most discs won't play is because the bottom (non-label) surface is scratched. This bounces around the light from the laser that reads the data in the disc. This makes it hard for the player to know where to go next, which is why it either jumps around or gets stuck playing the same section.

Can every scratched CD/DVD or GAME be repaired?

There is good news and bad news here. The bad news is that if a scratched CD has damage to the data layer itself there is nothing that can be done to retrieve this data. The data layer is very close to the label side of the disc and so is vulnerable to scratches from the top. To see if the data layer is damaged, hold the disc label side toward you about 20cm from a light bulb. Any pin-pricks of light that show through indicate damage to the data layer. The good news is that discs with minor damage to the data layer often play perfectly after restoration. Naturally, the worse the damage, the less likely it is that the disc can be restored.

How do you fix scratched discs?

Using tried and tested, patented technology we gently polish away a very small layer from the bottom surface, just sufficient to remove any scratches. We then restore it to a mirror finish. This allows the light from the laser to pass cleanly through the disc to the data layer and back to the laser again.


How many times can a disc be repaired?

Naturally this depends how deeply scratched the CD is each time, but we conservatively estimate a maximum of ten times, far in excess of what most discs will experience during their lifetime.

What kind of damage cannot be repaired?

Warped or broken discs cannot be repaired. Data that is lost due to damage to the foil data layer cannot be replaced although minor damage often does not prevent a scratched audio CD playing back perfectly after repair.


Is it safe?

Completely. All the machines and processes we use are tried, tested and patented.

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