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RSD17 Queue Quiz


Below are the answers from the 'Name That Cover' quiz. The winner of the £10 LEWKS token was Darren, scoring 25 out of 25!




RSD 2017 Live bands


8am - When Rivers Meet

9am - Dick York &The Originals


When Rivers Meet - 8am

When Rivers Meet are a critically acclaimed British husband and wife musical duo composed of Grace Bond (Vocals, Fiddle, Mandolin) and Aaron Bond (Vocals, Guitar). Based around masterful vocals and rich harmonies WRM deliver their self penned material with authenticity and sincerity.

When Rivers Meet (formerly known as Holmes & Bond) received acclaim after reaching number three in the UK Independent Music Charts leading to airplay throughout Europe, Australia, America and Canada.



Dick York & The Originals - 9am

In the mid 1976 as Punk Rock exploded in the UK, Dick York bought a guitar, began writing songs and formed his first band..... Sta Prest

Sta Prest began playing shows and signed a management deal with the legendary Ronnie Scotts Agency in London. Sta Prest toured the UK, Europe and Canada and after much courting from major labels, such as EMI and Polydor, signed a Recording Contract with Avatar Records and Screenworks.

Sta Prest became linked to the post punk Mod Revival movement and played alongside bands like Secret Affair, The Purple Hearts and Merton Parkas; releasing their only single, "School Days" in 1979. The single never got the success it deserved, but now is considered to be the song that defined the 'Mod Revival' and is a sought after rarity with collectors and revivalists. Dick left Sta Prest in 1980 and formed Cry Dyaan with a young drummer called Vom Ritchie.

During the years with Cry Dyaan Dick honed his song writing skills and the band were celebrated as ‘the band to watch’ in 1982 when the won the 'UK Band of the Year' promoted by BBC Radio One. However, the band was dogged by poor management and broken promises and in 1983 Dick decided to get a 'proper job' ....... Vom continued in Music playing with Doctor and The Medic (Spirit in the Sky) then moving to Germany to join the European Punk Rock super group "Die Toten Hosen"

In 2008 Vom contacted Dick and persuaded him to start his music career again. Dick and Vom formed a band called Cryssis and again Dick wrote a collection of songs and the band have found great success in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Cryssis released two albums ‘Simple Men’ and ‘Kursaal Nights’ and have toured with The Drop Kick Murphy’s, Frank Turner and Die Artze. Their 3rd Album "1976" is due out in August 2017 and the band plan to undertake a European tour in early 2018.

In addition to his work with Cryssis, Dick also began a recording project with Producer Gareth Young. The result of the collaboration is Dick's first solo album entitled 'Yesterday's Boys' by Dick York and Originals (Vom Ritchie guests on the album along with Steve Smart, Clive Kemp and Jay Harrison) The Album is due to be released on 24th June 2017 when Dick York & The Originals support The Undertones at the Northumbria Live Festival. Dick York & The Originals will tour as the support on the European leg of Peter and the Test Tube Babies World Tour in December 2017.



Record Store Day - 16th April 2016

RSD2016 Releases are now on sale on-line please click here

So another amazing RSD was had! Despite the very poor weather the queue still started at midnight, they stood in the rain and snow all night! The weather was so miserable we had to resort to our wet weather plan. Everyone was given a queue number, and were then let into the shop to warm up! We even had the bands inside - which was great because we got to hear all 4 of our amazing acts this year. Massive thank you to all of them each and every one was great and we had a really lovely mix of music across the morning. We had another 'name that cover' game - answers are below. We also had 3 x 10" of The Alibis - Therapy single which we gave away - everybody had a raffle ticket which were put into a hat and drawn by Goddard's Butcher's that evening. Congratulations To Dan, Jan & Robin



RSD 2016 Live bands


8am - Martha's Wood

9am - Jay Harrison

10am - Soham De

11am - Jacen Unplugged


Martha's Wood - 8am

High energy acoustic 4 piece band from West Norfolk mostly folk, rock and blues.

flint moore 2.jpg (404635 bytes) flint moore.jpg (9130 bytes)


Jay Harrison - 9am

Jay Harrison is a musician from King's Lynn, Norfolk, playing in various acts such as Birkenhed and Under The Influence and now in 6 piece alt rock outfit Kingdom Keys. After leaving Under The Influence Jay took a break for a while but after years of touring throughout the UK, EU and US the draw of live music was too much. An acoustic guitar was purchased, a pen and paper was made ready and the birth of an acoustic set was in progress. Jay has become a fan favourite on the local scene since then playing wherever will have him, from pubs to venues to lorry backs to outside record shops.




Soham De - 10am

Soham De is an 18 year old singer-songwriter from Kings Lynn, now based in Durham for University he's still finding time to write and tour and recently supported the likes of Gabrielle Aplin, Saint Raymond, Bondax and Kal Lavelle to name a few. Soham is quickly making a name for himself with his contemporaries. In September 2015, he independently released his debut album 'Ghost'.
'Amazing having Soham open up for me. Always in awe of his guitar playing.’ - Gabrielle Aplin
During his brief time in the North East, he has gained a headline slot at it’s biggest event for unsigned music - Evolution Emerging - as well as being booked for a multitude of festivals across the UK this Summer. With his music also being played on radio stations such as BBC introducing in Norfolk and in the North East as well as performing BBC 1 Look East, Sofar Sounds, Oxfam Cambridge and Cambridge TV, Soham is quickly making ground in the live circuit and is becoming an emerging artist that's one to watch in 2016.




Jacen Unplugged - 11am

50s classic rock 'n' roll, country, blues, originals & jazz standards



RSD16 Queue Quiz


Below are the answers from the 'Name That Cover' quiz. The winner of the £10 LEWKS token was Matt, scoring 8 out of 12!








Record Store Day -  2015


So what an amazing RSD15 we all had. The queue started at just before midnight yet again! And by 7.30am the queue was across the precinct and heading off into the market.  We served free coffee and cakes at 7am to the queue and then handed out our little 'Name That Cover' quiz (answers below). Wally Webb from BBC Radio Norfolk was here at 7 and broadcast live from outside the shop! The first band started at 8am and we opened the doors at 8.30am. 


RSD 2015 Live bands were:


8am - Flint Moore

9am - Ed Taylor

11am - Morganway

12 midday - Phoenix Calling


Flint Moore - 8am

Founded in 2013 Flint Moore are a grunge rock folk band based in Norfolk. Known for their energetic sound and performances and their flexible play style.

flint moore 2.jpg (404635 bytes) flint moore.jpg (9130 bytes)


Ed Taylor - 9am

Ed Taylor has been playing guitar for 50 years. He has been in numerous bands including Brian Auger & The Trinity and has even supported The Who.


Morganway - 11am

Fleetwood Mac vocal harmonies with punchy guitar riffs, Morganway are a country / folk / rock band from the UK. Born last year in North Norfolk’s rural outback, Morganway was formed by twin brothers Callum and Kieran Morgan. The vocal blend of lead singers Callum and Yve Mary B is at the heart of the band’s raw and melodic sound. They are joined by Kieran on lead guitar and Matthew Brocklehurst on keys.


morganway1.jpg (25102 bytes) morganway2.jpg (127154 bytes) morganway3.jpg (245822 bytes)

Phoenix Calling - 12 midday

Phoenix Calling began in 2012 and hail from Cambridgeshire in the UK.

They have already shared the stage with the likes of The First, We Are Fiction, Tu Amore, White Clouds and Gunfire and Under the Influence to name a few. On the 11th January 2013 they released their debut single, 'Bring the Roof Down', accompanied by a music video. They’ve also headlined the main stage at Willow Festival 2013 and played the BBC Introducing stage at Cambridge Rock Fest. Their debut album is scheduled for release in April 2015.


Phoenix Callign Logo.jpg (82498 bytes) Phoenix Calling Promo 8.jpg (4061401 bytes) Phoenix Calling promo 9.jpg (3796223 bytes)  



RSD15 Pictures


The girls ready for the day!

Wally Webb from BBC Radio Norfolk

The Queue


RSD15 Queue Quiz


Below are the answers from the 'Name That Cover' quiz. The winner of the £10 LEWKS token was Michael Ford, scoring 11 out of 12!





Rega Record Players

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RP1 Turntable


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rp1white.jpg (3533 bytes) rp1blk.jpg (4704 bytes)   rp1plat.jpg (3971 bytes)






Rega Record Players - Limited Edition RSD version (we have now sold out)

Limited Edition Rega RS1 for RSD 2015 - only 500 being produced.

Rega will manufacture 500 units of the very limited RSD/REGA turntables.

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Record Store Day - 2014

WOW what an amazing day we have had. The queue started at midnight, when we arrived at the shop at 7.30am the queue was about 40 long queuing around the precinct and heading off into the Market. We let all customers in 2 at a time starting from 8.30am. The queue kept on growing and did not end until nearly 1.00pm! The 5SOS cassettes were all gone by midday also!


From 9am we had 7 FREE live bands on the hour every hour. Huge Thank You's to all them all for coming along and supporting us for free on this beautiful day. 


10am - Jessica Fleur

JESSICA FLEUR.JPG (1282891 bytes)

11am - Rattleshack

Rattleshack.JPG (1511651 bytes)

12 midday - James Clarke Five

JAMES CLARKE FIVE.JPG (1005088 bytes)

1pm - Secret From Richard

Secret From Richard.JPG (972575 bytes)

2pm - Monte Carlo Fallacy


3pm - Under Prophecy

UNDER PROPHECY.JPG (1497120 bytes)


COLLAGE.JPG (592885 bytes) LEWKS BANDS FOR RSD.jpg (110504 bytes) QUEUE AT 7AM.JPG (780229 bytes) LEWKS READY FOR RSD.JPG (224171 bytes) LEWKS RSD STAFF.JPG (599423 bytes)


Remember a Record Store is for Life not Just for Record Store Day!